About KGK

KGK (Kirisutosha Gakusei Kai) is an evangelical ministry to university students in Japan and is a member of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). We are seeking to reach university students in Japan with the gospel of Jesus Christ. At present, there are around 1,370 students who are involved in the ministry of KGK around the country. Some of the larger groups may have up to 30 students. Some campuses may have only one Christian student that we know of. If you are an international student or know someone who is coming to study in Japan, please contact the following staff members through this Google Form. They will be more than happy to connect you with students and staff in the area/region.
 Yasuyuki Kamata (International Ministry Staff worker) y.kamata@kgkjapan.net
 Kellie Nicholas (Missionary Staff worker in Kansai region) kellie@kgkjapan.net

Prayer Requests

■Please pray that in fall semester, students will continue to meet together on campus, be encouraged as they enjoy fellowship in the gospel together, and that Christian students will be bold in their witness. Particularly pray for those universities that are restarting groups (Rakuno-Gakuen University and Kitami-Kogyo University). Give thanks for those students who have been sharing their faith and pray that God will continue to protect them.
■On the 27th and 28th of October we had an overnight camp. The students were encouraged to think about why we meet, what is KGK etc. Give thanks for the time of learning, fellowship and getting to know each other better.
■In December (26th-28th) we will have a camp looking at what the Bible says about men and women, how God made us differently and how we can live in the light of this. Please pray for the preparation and that those who attend are encouraged to think biblically.
■Please pray for safety in travel and good relationships with students for staff members Jun Sugimoto and Nathanael Ayling.

TOHOKU region
■Please pray for the students from Niigata who are organizing Spring Camp, that they will enjoy deep fellowship with one another.
■At the end of the year we will be having a camp on the theme of ‘Worship’. Please pray that it will be a good time of learning together.
■It is already the time of year where we start to think about handing over responsibilities next year. Please pray that God will raise up students who are able and willing to serve in this way.

KANTO region
■Give thanks for the 104 students who attended our Summer Camp (22-25/8) and the many students who decided to follow Jesus or dedicate their lives to him. Please pray that they will continue to walk in faith.
■Give thanks for the 85 students who attended Challenge Camp (29/8-2/9)and the time of blessing that it was. Please pray that the students will be able to use the things that they learned and put them into practice in their daily lives.
■Please pray for students on campus as they seek to get activities up and running in second semester. Particularly pray for those participating in their school festivals and organizing Christmas events.
■Please pray for our Kanto staff team, that each staff worker will have good physical and spiritual health.

TOKAI region
■Each block in the region will have a Christmas party. Please pray for the students who are making the preparations and that they will be a good opportunity for evangelism to occur.
■Our last camp of the year will be on the 28th and 29th of December. Please pray that it will be a good opportunity for learning.
■Please pray for the student committee members who have been given to us, that they will help to build the ministry of KGK.
■Please pray that staff members Yuya Kawano, Shinya Yoshizawa, Kakeru Yamaguchi (Graduate Assistant) and Judith Ricken will have good health and be able to serve faithfully.

■Please pray that students will continue to meet together in the fall semester and continue walk by faith.
■On the 28th of October we will have an Autumn seminar’. Please pray that it will be a good time of learning together, and particularly for Ryuichi Yamazaki as he prepares the messages.
■On the 23rd of November there will be a lecture by Shigenori Oshima (KGK National Diretor) on the topic of ‘High-school students and the church- Aiming for messages that reach them’. Please pray that this will be beneficial for the local churches and help see the gospel go out in the region.
■Please pray that student work may be able to be started in Toyama prefecture.
■Give thanks for the protection over the graduates camp. Please pray that graduates will continue to meet together and enjoy fellowship together.

KANSAI region
■Give thanks for the 8 non-Christian students who attended our evangelistic camp over summer (Summer Camp Part 1) and that there was an encouraging time had by all.Give thanks that we also learnt a lot about living as those who acknowledge the Lord at Summer Camp Part 2.
■Please pray that campus and block meetings will be well attended in second semester and that students who attended summer camps will also be able to join.
■Please pray for our Autumn Camp on the 10th and 11th of November on the theme ‘Healthy Life- Living testimony’.
■Please pray that students will invite their friends to the various Christmas events that will be organized and that the preparation for these events will go smoothly.
■Please pray for Yutaro Shimizu (Graduate Assistant), that he can build good relationships with both staff and students.
■Please pray that God will provide for all of the financial needs for 2017.

■Please pray that students will step up in sharing the gospel.
■Please pray that Christian students will want to be a part of a KGK group at their universities.
■Please pray for Tottori, Shimane and Yamaguchi prefectures where there are few students, that they will be able to witness to their friends.
■Please pray that students and graduates would be able to be mature in Christ.
■Please pray that the various prefectural graduate meetings will be an encouraging time of good fellowship, prayer and support.
■Please pray that God will be raising up more workers for the ministry in Chu-Shikoku.
■Please pray for the following events:
 20-21st October: Student committee camp
 11th of November: ‘Working in the Lord’meeting
 25th of November: A gathering to encourage KGK ministry in Kagawa prefecture.
 26-28th December: Camp on ‘Men and Women’

KYUSHU region
■Please continue to pray for the university groups and area prayer meetings, that they will continue continue faithfully throughout 2017 academic year.
■Please pray that students faith with grow in healthy ways and that the will make their involvement at church a priority.
■Please pray for that staff, associates and their familise will be protected spiritually and physically, and that they will faithfully serve God and the students.
■Please pray that God will provide financially for the needs of the region.
■Please pray for preparations for Spring Camp and the spiritual growth of those involved.
■Please pray that those students who attend NET(National Evangelical Student Training) will be able to bless the ministry back in Kyushu.

OKINAWA region
■Give thanks for the 20 students who attended Summer Camp, including some non-Christians, and the great time that was had by all. Please pray that students will be able to put what they learnt into practice in their daily lives and that those who heard the gospel for the first time may come to know the Lord.
■Please pray for the Bible study groups meeting at Ryukyu, Mei and Okinawa Christian Universities, particularly that there might be a culture of inviting non-Christian friends along. Please pray that these meetings will become places where the students can be themselves while they have God’s love, His word, prayer and praise at the center.
■Please pray that the monthly graduates meeting won’t just be a prayer meeting but will be able to include a Bible study and that God’s word will be at the center of their fellowship together.
■Please pray that Moe Higa and Shinya Yoshizawa (staff) will be sustained both physically and spiritually and will be able to serve the Lord faithfully in their work.

■On the 3rd and 4th of November we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of KGK ministry at Tamagawa Seigakuin. Please pray that many current students and graduates will attend (the hall capacity is 700).
■Please pray that God will continue to provide for the financial needs of KGK, particularly in the special appeal for the 70th anniversary.
■Please pray for Shigenori Oshima (National Director) and other senior staff that they will be able to support the work around the country.
■Please pray that the work of the office staff will support and ministry to students.
■In August of 2019, Japan will host the East Asia Graduates Conferece (EAGC)in Tokyo. Please pray for the graduates and staff who are involved in organizing this conference and that it will be an opportunity for graduates from different areas to enjoy fellowship.

How to support KGK

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