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KGK (Kirisutosha Gakusei Kai) is an evangelical ministry to university students in Japan and is a member of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). We are seeking to reach university students in Japan with the gospel of Jesus Christ. At present, there are around 1,370 students who are involved in the ministry of KGK around the country. Some of the larger groups may have up to 30 students. Some campuses may have only one Christian student that we know of. If you are an international student or know someone who is coming to study in Japan, please contact the following staff members through this Google Form. They will be more than happy to connect you with students and staff in the area/region.
 Yasuyuki Kamata (International Ministry Staff worker) y.kamata@kgkjapan.net
 Kellie Nicholas (Missionary Staff worker in Kansai region) kellie@kgkjapan.net
For information on OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship), please see here.

Prayer Requests JUNE-JULY 2021

• Give thanks for new students at various campuses. With activities continuing to be held online, pray for students’ walk of faith to be protected. Pray for the word and prayer-centred fellowship to continue, remembering our theme for this year: ‘Koinonia – welcome to the fellowship which our God invites us into’

• Pray for salvation of students who don’t yet believe. Pray that they would meet Jesus through the Bible studies, be connected to local churches, and profess faith.

• Ask that the get together for graduate and undergraduate KGK members on June 26th would be a fruitful time. Pray that we’d be taught from God’s Word about the theme of ‘Work’, and that through our time together we’d be encouraged to live out the Word of the Lord wherever we’re placed.

• Pray for the preparation for the Summer Camp to be held August 16th-18th. May it be an opportunity for students who haven’t yet believed to connect with the Gospel.

• Pray for the work of Staff Worker Sugimoto Jun, and Graduate Assistant Sasaki Miho who started in April. Pray that they would get alongside students, and even though it may be online, to encourage students in living for Christ.

TOHOKU region
• We have had contact with more new students at the start of this academic year compared to last. Pray that the church life and student life of each one would be protected and blessed, and that they would continue connecting with KGK communities.

• The superb efforts of campus leaders are clear to see, but the strain on them is great. Pray that they would receive support and encouragement to be able to continue patiently serving in the mostly-online activities.

• Pray for the salvation for unbelieving students connected to KGK, and for students struggling in their faith because of difficult family relationships. Pray that Christian students would be good at following up and supporting.

• Pray for the service of the Summer camp planning committee. It is the first time being on a committee for each of the members! Pray that they would look to the Lord and be able to prepare well.

• Pray for the regional staff team (Staff Worker Nagai Sosei and Graduate Assistant Higashi Sumire). Pray that they would grow as a healthy team and be able to encourage students more and more.

KANTO region
• We are planning to hold the KGK camp on June 4th-5th as a hybrid online/residential event. Pray for Staff Worker Yoshizawa Shinya who will be speaking. Pray that attending students will get to know KGK more, and be helped to live out the Gospel wherever they’re placed as a result. Also for protection from Covid-19.

• Pray for committee members and staff workers to have wisdom in making decisions about whether to hold gatherings online or in person. Also that they would be creative in being able to connect with first-year students, and with unbelievers.

• The online evangelistic Summer camp will be held from August 24th-26th, and the (hybrid online/face to face depending on numbers) Challenge Camp August 31st -September 3rd. Pray for those serving on the preparation committees. Pray that many students would attend, and that they would be great times of fellowship; also for telling the good news of Jesus to unbelieving students.

• From April, Yoshizawa Shinya again took up leadership of Kanto KGK region, and Ohtsuka Shin, Hashimoto Ikku, Shimada Mikuni, Kobayashi Yu and Tomita Shiori became Staff Workers for Kanto region; Staff Workers Tsukamoto Yoshiki and Shiroma Hajime became KGK Graduate Fellowship staff workers. Pray that the Kanto KGK staff team will continue to be a good team and help grow the work of KGK Kanto region. Pray also that the work would be protected during Staff worker Tsukamoto Yoshiki’s paternity leave (finishing mid-June).

TOKAI region
• Pray that even during the Covid crisis, students would not stop meeting together, but would take initiative in gathering to encourage one another in their faith.

• Pray that first year students would connect with KGK, and as a result be encouraged to live out the Gospel wherever they’re placed.

• Pray for preparation for the regional summer camp (August 25th-29th). Pray that KGK students will invite unbelieving friends, and that those friends will attend. Pray for the message preparation of the speaker Staff Worker Suzuki Toshimi (from Chushikoku region).

• Staff worker Judith Riken is due to finish her deputation and return to Japan in July. Pray for the provision of everything that is needed, and for a good return to work with KGK.

• Pray for protection on the lives and work of Staff Workers Kawano Yuya and Yamaguchi Kakeru. May they have discernment in the pandemic, and be enabled to love and encourage students.

• Pray that KGK gatherings in the region would be a place of encouraging first year students in prioritising local church involvement.

• Pray student Bible studies and other activities would be well organised so that students mature together in their faith in Christ.

• Pray for protection on the face-to-face activities, that they may be opportunities for rich fellowship.

• Ask for blessing on the preparation for regional summer camp. Pray for the preparation of speaker Staff Worker Matsuo Ken, and that the camp would be a time of building one another up, and especially to encourage evangelism.

• Pray for the KGK graduate fellowship members to encourage one another, to be built up through the Word and meeting together, and serve well wherever they’re placed in society.

• Ask God’s blessing on the KGK graduates Present Seminar – ‘A life of faith in the Covid crisis’ so that attending students would evaluate and grow deeper in their faith. Pray for the speaker, Staff Worker Sugimoto Jun.

• Pray for the work of the in the Supporting churches group Committee. Pray for physical and spiritual protection on the serving pastors who need to make various decisions in the course of their work for the Lord.

KANSAI region
• Give thanks for a good start to activities for the new academic year, including a new students welcome camp online held May 28th-29th.

• The ‘Challenge Day’ scheduled for June 12th sadly had to be cancelled.

• Pray for the Covid virus to be controlled, so that face to face meetings can once again be held safely. Until that time, pray for wise planning, in careful consideration of the changing situation.

• Ask for the Lord’s blessing on all the 1st semester activities, whether campus, local area or regional.

• Pray for the preparation of the Summer camp scheduled for August 17th-20th, and that many unbelieving students will attend.

• Pray for preparation for the KGK National Conference to be hosted by Kanto region in March 2022.

• Pray for the Staff Worker team in Kansai to work well together in serving students.

• Give thanks for new students who have joined activities – may they partner together in the work of campus evangelism.

• Pray that in this time of pandemic, the Gospel would be proclaimed to students.

• Ask for the Lord to greatly use each of the university campus KGK activities.

• Pray for the planning of the summer camp scheduled for August 17th-20th; may many unbelievers be led to attend.

• Pray for graduated KGK members to live out the Gospel wherever they’re placed.

• Pray that KGK Graduate Fellowship meetings in each prefecture or area would be good times of fellowship and would be used to raise up financial support for the work of student evangelism.

• Pray the Staff Worker and Graduate Assistant would be usable and useful for the work of student mission. Pray also for the Lord to sustain and bless each of their families.

• Pray that the Lord will be raising up the next GA also.

• Pray that the Lord would provide all that is needed financially for the work of the region.

KYUSHU region
• Pray that amidst the Covid-19 crisis, not a single student would be forgotten by the Lord, but each would continue to have their faith encouraged, and be spurred on in their evangelism.

• Pray for student leaders’ godliness and team work to be protected.

• Pray for new 1st year students to commit to the KGK movement, and to local churches also.

• Pray that the regional Summer Camp would be able to be held face to face.

• Pray that Staff Workers and Volunteer Staff would be given great wisdom, in the face of the pandemic, to be able to encourage students.

• Pray for unity between staff workers and associate staff. Also pray for protection on their spiritual and physical health. Pray for blessing on the families of staff members who support them in their work.

• Pray for KGK Graduate Fellowships to be established in every prefecture in the region.

• Pray for the financial resources needed for this year to be provided, and for additional KGK staff for Kyushu region in future – currently there is only one.

OKINAWA region
• Pray for the spread of Covid-19 to be stopped, and for activities to continue, while keeping a close eye on the virus transmission situation.

• Pray for new students to join KGK activities!

• Pray that along with Ryukyu University activities, KGK group activities will begin at other university campuses, and that through them students would come to hear the Gospel.

• Pray for protection and blessing on every student in every way, and especially that they would mature as believers in Jesus.

• Ask for the Lord’s protection on planning for the summer camp scheduled for August 26th-28th, and for good numbers of students to attend.

• Pray for Godly living for the graduating KGK students. Ask that the KGK Okinawa Graduates fellowship would increase its reach, and for God to raise up more KGK-supporting individuals and churches.

• As there is currently no resident Staff Worker in the region, please pray for adequate support for all the activities. Please pray for Okinawa Supervising Staff Worker Narumi (concurrently serving as Kansai Staff Worker) and Volunteer Staff Pastor Fukushima.

■ As of May 1, 2019, there were 312,214 international students studying in Japan’s tertiary institutions and Japanese language institutions. Please pray that Christian students can join churches and fellowships. Also pray that this study abroad time will be an opportunity for many to come to know Jesus.

■ It is hard to meet new international students during COVID-19. Please pray that God will help us meet them.

■ “After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands. And they cried out in a loud voice: ‘Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb.’” Please pray that even more international students will participate in KGK activities across the country.

■ We thank God that OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship) monthly gatherings (4th Saturdays) and Bible studies (Thursdays) have continued via Zoom. Please pray that even more international students may join and many would experience salvation and growth through the proclamation of the Gospel.

■ We thank God for the participation of international students in NET from Australia, Brazil, Gabon, and South Korea. Please pray for their continued walk in Christ, and that many more international students will participate in NET.

■ We thank God to see students and alumni who have captured a vision through KGK to serve international students. A Japanese student led a workshop on international student ministry at Kanto region spring camp, with 10 participants. Please pray that even more may be raised.

■ We thank God that 4 staff will serve as the international student ministry team – Yasu Kamata, Chenny Thie, Roger Dethlefs, Yuya Shimada. Please pray that we may serve international students in 2021 with continued unity in vision.

• Pray for the work and responsibilities of General Secretary Yajima Shiro, Assistant General Secretary Tsukamoto Yoshiki, and Administrative Manager Aburagi Momoko.

• Assistant General Secretary Tsukamoto Yoshiki will be taking paternity leave until June 11th. Pray for blessing and protection on his family, and on his return to work.

• Pray for the new Annual Newsletter distributed in June to be used for many people to know about the work of KGK.

How to support KGK

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