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KGK (Kirisutosha Gakusei Kai) is an evangelical ministry to university students in Japan and is a member of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). We are seeking to reach university students in Japan with the gospel of Jesus Christ. At present, there are around 1,370 students who are involved in the ministry of KGK around the country. Some of the larger groups may have up to 30 students. Some campuses may have only one Christian student that we know of. If you are an international student or know someone who is coming to study in Japan, please contact the following staff members through this Google Form. They will be more than happy to connect you with students and staff in the area/region.
 Yasuyuki Kamata (International Ministry Staff worker) y.kamata@kgkjapan.net
 Kellie Nicholas (Missionary Staff worker in Kansai region) kellie@kgkjapan.net
For information on OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship), please see here.

Prayer Requests -August to September 2019

• We are very thankful for the large number of new students who have attended campus and block meetings since the beginning of the academic year. Please pray that non-Christian students will hear the gospel, meet Jesus, go to church and be led to faith. Pray that Christian students will be encouraged in their faith and will live as a witness to Christ, in everything that they do.
• Summer Camp 15th-17th of August (outreach): This year’s theme is ‘REAL’. Pray that we will continue to reflect on our own reality, and remember that the living, working, present God’s is with us. Pray that many of the non-Christian students who have attended during first semester will be able to come to this camp. Please pray for the speaker Minoru Endo(the pastor of JECA partner church, Toei Gospel Christ Church)
• KGK Camp 4th -6th of September (discipleship): Please pray that students will be able to reflect on why we meet together and what KGK is about. Pray that we will be able to prepare well for second semester.
• Please pray for safety for Jun Sugimoto and Ikku Hashimoto (Graduate assistant) as they visit and encourage students around Hokkaido.

TOHOKU region
• Please pray for Iwate and Fukushima (where there are currently no student meetings) that students will restart these groups. Especially, pray that those who come to Summer camp will be willing to take the initiative to get things happening.
• Please pray for the student general meeting and summer camp (8/20-23)、that students will be nurtured by the Word and that each one of them will live out the gospel in the place they have been sent to.
• Please pray that the new ‘members camp’ will be an encouraging time(9/13-14), especially that students will enjoy rich fellowship with others from their area.
• Please pray for the student committee as they continue preparation for Spring Camp in March.

KANTO region
• Please pray for students who attend Summer Camp (8/20-23) and Challenge Camp (8/27-31), that what they learn will impact their daily life. Also pray for energy for the organizing committee as they continue preparations.
• In September there will be various campus and block camps. Pray that many students will attend and they will have a positive impact on the ministry in second semester.
• On the 14th of September there will be a fellowship and prayer meeting for students and graduates called. Pray that many can attend and that those who do are greatly encouraged.
• On the 4th and 5th of October there camp for those who are keen to share to gospel, Pray that the students who attend will be encouraged in the area of evangelism.
• With the many camps happening over August and September, please pray for all of the staff who will attend, that they will have good health. Also pray for the families who are left at home during this time.

TOKAI region
• On the 21st of August there will be a pre-summer event. Please pray that non-Christian students will attend, that it will be an enjoyable time and that they will come to know more about God.
• Between the 28th and 31st of August Summer Camp will happen. Please pray for protection of the organizing committee, both spiritually and physically. Also pray that the non-Christians who have been invited will dome and believe in God. The speaker is Pastor Teruaki Kanbe(Word of Life Missionary Kasai Christ Gospel Church), please pray for the preparation of his messages.
• From September, we will start looking for members of next years regional committee. Please pray that God will raise up the right students for the job.
• From the 15th to the 16th of September, we will have our graduates’ family camp. Please pray for the speaker Pastor Yasunari Sakakibara(Doumeihukuin City Rejoice Church)and that it will be an encouraging time for the families that join.
• On the 21st of September we will have our ‘post-summer’ event. Please pray that it will be a time that encourages students for second semester.
• October is ‘Strengthening Christ’s body’ month. In pairs, students will share life for about a week. Please pray that that they will grow in their relationship with God and with one another through this time.
• Please pray for life balance and faithful service of the staff Yuya Kawano, Judith Ricken and Kakeru Yamaguchi.

• Please pray for God to provide fellowship for Christian students over the summer break, that He may bring about growth in them.
• Pray that new students and non-Christians who have been attending bible studies, will continue in second semester.
• Please pray for Summer Camp (both the preparation and the actual event), that students will be saved. Also pray for the speaker pastor Makio Katou, and his preparation.
• Please pry for the preparation of the summer volunteers camp etc. , that they will be encouraged and ready to start second semester. • Pray that preparation for second semester will done prayerfully by students.
• In October there will be a graduates’ camp. Pray that many graduates will be able to gather and be encouraged.
• Please pray that all of the financial needs of Hokuriku region will be met, that the work amongst students may increase.
• Pray for the work of the supporters’ committee, that the needs of KGK can be presented faithfully to various churches. Especially for the seminar held in November with Pastor Takashi Tsutada as the speaker.
• Please pray that the various prefectural graduate meetings, and the fellowship they enjoy, will be a support to the ministry.

KANSAI region
• Please pray that students will continue to walk faithfully with God over the summer vacation.
• ’Bridge’ will be on the 3rd of August. Please pray for the speaker Yoshitsugu Kanai(United Church of Christ in Japan Senriseisanitsu Church), that many students will come and that they will learn a lot.
• 19th to 21st of August is our evangelistic summer camp. Please pray that non-Christian students will come to know God and for the speakers Ryousuke Ikebuchi (KGK staff member) and Yutaro Kato (Ravi Zacharius Ministries).
• September 3rd to 6th is our Bible Camp (aimed at Christian growth) . Please pray for the speaker Hiroshi Adachi(United Church of Christ in Japan Ikedatyuou Church)and that the students who attend will grow in their understanding of what their mission from God is.
• October 13th-14th is our graduates’ family camp and November 3rd to 4th is our young graduates camp. Please pray for the preparation for both and for the blessing of those who attend.
• Please pray that God will provide for the staffing and financial needs of the Kansai Region.

• Pray for the reconstruction of the towns and lives of those affected by the 2018 floods (particularly Kurashiki in Okayama, Go in Hiroshima and Uwajima in Ehime)Pray for the cooperation of the regional church network.
• Please pray that all the universities in the region will have a Christian presence, and that we are able to make contact with them, especially those who are first years.
• Pray that this year, that campus groups that have recently been started, will continue and can keep reaching out to their campuses.
• Pray that as graduate groups gather in different prefectures, they will enjoy a time of fellowship and encouragement together.
• August 19th to 21st is our summer camp. Please pray that many non-Christians will attend and that they will come to understand the gospel of Christ’s death and resurrection.
• Please pray that God will be raising up more workers for student ministry in this area, to help with great needs that there are.
• Pray that God will provide for the financial needs of the region.

KYUSHU region
• Continue to pray for those affected by the Kumamoto/ Oita Earthquake and that the KGK volunteer program (which has been running a long time) will continue to serve faithfully.
• Pray that God will grow the students, faith and that they will continue serving at church and on campus. Please pray that students will grow as true disciples of Christ.
• Please especially pray for the spiritual grow of leaders of various meetings, camp and regional committees.
• Amidst their busyness, please pray that the staff and volunteers will prioritize time with God, spending time in His Word and prayer, growing in faithfulness, particularly in their preaching.
• Pray for staff families, that wives will have good health and children will grow up following Jesus.
• Pray for the preparation of the KGK led junior and high school camp in March with the them ‘Egg Camp 2’.
• Pray for the staff and volunteers, that they enjoy good relationships and continue to support one another well.
• Pray that all prefectures will keep having graduate meetings.
• Pray that the financial needs of the region will be met and that over the next 3 years, the number of staff will be able to increase.

OKINAWA region
• Give thanks that first semester has gone well.
• Please pray for second semester and the bible studies and prayer meetings at Ryuku University, Meio University and Okinawa Christian University that God may continue to work here in Okinawa. Pray also that new students will join the groups.
• August 27th to 30th will be our summer camp on the theme of ‘In Hope’(Romans 5:3-5). Please pray that God will please the camp and for the preparation and ministry of the the speaker Pastor Kazunari Fukushima.
• Please continue to pray for the graduates and particularly for the Bible study ( once a month), that it will be an encouraging and blessed time for all.
• This year Tomoko Narumi (Kansai Region staff member) is responsible for the Okinawa region casue there is no local staff. Please pray for energy and time to rest amidst a very busy schedule. Please also pray for volunteer staff Pastor Fukushima and Pastor Hirano.

• As of May 2018, there were over 290,000 international students studying in Japan’s tertiary institutions and Japanese language institutions. Please pray that Christian students can join churches and fellowships. Also pray that this study abroad time will be an opportunity for many to come to know Jesus.
• Many international students are participating in KGK activities. Please pray that more international students may be able to participate at campus, block, region, and national levels. Please pray that Japanese and international students may come to witness to the Lord together.
• The IFES World Assembly will take place July 3 to 11 in Johannesburg, South Africa. KGK will send 5 delegates. Please pray that the Lord may renew their vision for student ministry in Japan and the world.
• Please pray for the international team (international student ministry & international partnerships) – Kamata, Thie, R. Dethlefs, Shimada.

• Pray for General Secretary Oshima Shigenori, and for the KGK Staff Worker Steering Committee (comprising Staff Workers Yoshizawa, Yajima, Ogawa, Aburaki, and Ikebuchi) to give appropriate lead to the national work.
• Please pray for the work of Staff Worker Ogawa Makoto, who has responsibility for national KGK graduate work. May he be a real encouragement to graduates throughout Japan.
• Please pray for the administrative side of KGK to be able to continue to serve student evangelism well.
• Pray for areas within the staff team where roles are being handed over to other staff.
• Please pray for graduate students involved in planning the East Asia Graduates Conference (EAGC), set to take place in August of this year. Would there be rich graduate fellowship in each region as a result.

How to support KGK

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