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KGK (Kirisutosha Gakusei Kai) is an evangelical ministry to university students in Japan and is a member of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). We are seeking to reach university students in Japan with the gospel of Jesus Christ. At present, there are around 1,370 students who are involved in the ministry of KGK around the country. Some of the larger groups may have up to 30 students. Some campuses may have only one Christian student that we know of. If you are an international student or know someone who is coming to study in Japan, please contact the following staff members through this Google Form. They will be more than happy to connect you with students and staff in the area/region.
 Yasuyuki Kamata (International Ministry Staff worker) y.kamata@kgkjapan.net
 Kellie Nicholas (Missionary Staff worker in Kansai region) kellie@kgkjapan.net
For information on OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship), please see here.

Prayer Requests -APRIL&MAY 2018-

- Give thanks that Spring Camp – at which forty students participated – was a time of blessing. Please pray that students would stay connected with their campus groups and churches and keep walking with the LORD. Pray that they continue to hold prayer meetings and Bible studies in the new academic year.
- Please pray for preparations for the Eastern Hokkaido Camp from 3-5th May. As they think together about this year’s theme – “Taking WITH2 to the Campuses, all Hokkaido, getting ready for National Conference” - would they be encouraged from the Bible to keep living by faith. It will be held in Kushiro – please pray that students in Kushiro and Eastern Hokkaido would be able to make it.
- Please pray for God to use the New Students Welcome Party in Sapporo on 19th May, and the various other campus and block New Students Welcome Parties. Would new students be connected to each KGK group.
- Please pray for the Hokkaido KGK Supporters’ Annual Meeting and Special Lecture on 30th June. This year’s speaker is Pastor Motohito Kobayashi (JECA Sambandori Evangelical Christ Church). As well as an opportunity to focus on the goodness of the Lord, may it be a time of more people seeing clearly the vital nature of KGK ministry.
- Please pray for good interactions between staff worker Jun Sugimoto and the students, and for safety in driving.

TOHOKU region
- Please pray for the seekers who came to Spring Camp. May many meet Jesus through activities across the region.
- Please pray for the Eastern Tohoku and Western Tohoku Special Topics camps taking place in May and June. Would students really engage with this year’s topics at both.
- At the start of the academic year, pray that new students get connected to campuses throughout the region, particularly in Fukushima Prefecture where there are currently no KGK groups.

KANTO region
- Pray for new students to connect with KGK groups as they begin their time at university.
- Please pray for new staff workers in the Kanto region – Shinya Yoshizawa, Yoshiki Tsukamoto, Nobuhiro Yamagata, and Chenny Thie.
- Please pray for the Kanto New Students Welcome Party on Saturday 12th May, especially for good relationship-building with senior students.
- Please pray for KGK Camp I on June 1st and 2nd. Would students be moved by the Gospel and be encouraged in their campus activities.
- On the 19th May (Saturday), we will hold a Welcome Party for New Graduates. Pray that it will be a spur for graduates to live out the Gospel.

TOKAI region
- Pray for students who attended NET and Spring Camp to live out the Gospel wherever God has placed them.
- Would new students be able to connect with KGK at the start of their time at university, especially in Gifu and Mie Prefectures.
- Please pray for Special Topics Camp on 8th and 9th June. Pray for a mutually-encouraging time as we think about evangelism.
- Do pray for staff worker Yuya Kawano and Kakeru Yamaguchi (Graduate Assistant). Yuya gets married on 12th May – do pray for him as he and his wife settle into married life.

- Please pray for new students to link up with KGK and for the Gospel to spread throughout the region. Pray too for Christian students to mature in their faith.
- Please pray for non-Christian students who regularly attend Bible studies to be saved.
- Please pray for the spiritual growth and protection of new Student Executive Committee members and campus leaders.
- Would God bless regional and campus events designed to welcome new students, and use them to spread the Gospel.
- Please pray for Hokuriku KGK finances to be in good shape so that the work can move forward.
- Would graduate gatherings be blessed and be good times of study.

KANSAI region
- Thanks: For good times of study at the February Young Graduates Camp, and the March Students Spring Camp.
- For God to be pleased to use each Block Welcome Meeting, and for New Students to be added to each Campus Group and Block.
- Pray for the 'Kick Off Camp' on 25-26th May.
- For Yutaro Shimizu (Graduate Assistant) – his health and work. For Kellie (Staff) in Australia for one year starting March '18 for study and deputation ministry. For good relationships between staff and students, and that staff would support students well.
- For the financial needs of Kansai region to be met.

- Praise for blessing on the Spring Camp, especially for students being encouraged and commissioned for service.
- For the work of student evangelism at each campus, and in each prefecture, in the new academic year.
- Please pray for many New Students to attend the welcome events: Eastern Chugoku (April 21st), Shikoku (May 19th), Western Chugoku (May 26th).
- For student evangelism in Tottori and Shimane prefectures.
- For students who are seeking, to be granted faith and repentance.
- For students and graduates to live out the Gospel wherever God has placed them.
- Pray for the KGK former members' meetings in each prefecture to result in greater mutual partnership, prayer and financial support for KGK work.
- For more workers to be raised up to support student evangelism in Chushikoku.

KYUSHU region
- For students to step up again in the new academic year so that Campus Groups and monthly gatherings will continue well. For New Students to join in the various KGK activities.
- For students to be maturing in faith.
- For increasing numbers of young people serving in churches to be raised up.
- Pray for God's hand on the preparations and running of Summer Camp. Also for participation in volunteer work in Kumamoto to be maintained.
- For staff and volunteers to maintain health and Godliness, and to serve God and serve students faithfully. For protection on each of their families.
- Pray for sufficient funds to be provided for the work.
- For KGK Graduates Meetings to be held in every prefecture in Kyushu.
- For provision of multiple staff for Kyushu.

OKINAWA region
- Pray for the New Students Welcome meeting on April 21st.
- In 2018 the theme for the year is 'Come on over to our place! –God's feel-good family'. With lots of graduates and transfer students are leaving, pray that New Students and others will be added to God's family in the Okinawa region, and for each one to be built up in their faith.
- As the first one in the region to be recognized as an official university club, pray for the Bible study group at Ryukyu University to go from strength to strength. Also for Campus activities at Meio University to continue and to be richly blessed.
- For a regular Okinawa KGK Graduates prayer meeting to be established. For new graduates to be connected to the Graduates Group, and to be encouraged in their walk as Christian members of society.
- Pray for the work and family life of Shinya Yoshizawa who is transferring to the Kanto region. Pray for Moe Higa's ministry and study. Pray for a resident staff for Okinawa to be raised up for the years to come.

- Give thanks for the 70th Anniversary funds raised. For this provision to be used wisely over the coming 10 years.
- Pray for General Secretary Oshima, and the rest of the Senior Staff Team (Yoshizawa, Yajima, Ogawa, Aburaki and Ikebuchi) as they oversee the work of KGK.
- For blessing on the Administrative team, that they would serve increasingly well the front line of student evangelism.
- Pray for KGK graduates serving on the preparation committee for the IFES East Asia region Graduates Conference (EAGC) to be held in August 2019. Pray for joyful partnership between graduates from each region to result.

How to support KGK

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