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KGK (Kirisutosha Gakusei Kai) is an evangelical ministry to university students in Japan and is a member of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). We are seeking to reach university students in Japan with the gospel of Jesus Christ. At present, there are around 1,370 students who are involved in the ministry of KGK around the country. Some of the larger groups may have up to 30 students. Some campuses may have only one Christian student that we know of. If you are an international student or know someone who is coming to study in Japan, please contact the following staff members through this Google Form. They will be more than happy to connect you with students and staff in the area/region.
 Yasuyuki Kamata (International Ministry Staff worker) y.kamata@kgkjapan.net
 Kellie Nicholas (Missionary Staff worker in Kansai region) kellie@kgkjapan.net
For information on OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship), please see here.

Prayer Requests -AUGUST&SEPTEMBER 2018-

- We are thankful that many new students joined our activities during this last term. Please pray that the students who are not yet believers but are coming to our meetings will hear the Gospel message, encounter Jesus and be led to faith. For the Christian students, may they be encouraged in their faith and continue to be participate in the prayer meetings and block activities.
- We are in the process of preparing for the summer school. (August 15-17) The theme is ‘Aides” (It is love). We are preparing with the hope it will be an opportunity to bring the message of God’s love to our friends. Please pray that many of those who have not yet accepted Christ but have come to our activities on campus will be able to come to the camp. We also want to lift up the speaker, Pastor Nobuyoshi Fuse (from Assembly of God Hakodate Bethel Church)
- Please pray for the fellowship at the Graduates’ Family gathering September 16-17. The chosen theme is ‘Offering Blessing’; may we learn the joy of living a life of offering and also may we deepen our fellowship. Please also remember the work of our speaker, Makoto Ogawa, KGK staff.
- We ask God that He will use our one-day KGK camp on September 29 for students to learn the spirit of KGK and ask that the junior students will accept and keep the KGK spirit alive.
- Please God, protect Sugimoto, KGK staff, as he tours the area to encourage students in their faith.

TOHOKU region
- We pray that many seekers will gather for the Summer School and that they will be touched by the Good News. Furthermore, may the students then be connected to campus fellowship and activities in their areas.
- Please pray that campus fellowship activities will be blessed, especially remembering those leaders with less experience and asking that they will be given wisdom and guidance.
- May the work of the KGK staff be upheld - their campus visits be protected and their other ministries also be a blessing.
- There will be a number of graduates’ meetings and camps between September and November. May they be times of good fellowship and sharing.

KANTO region
- The Summer School will be held at Matsubarako Bible Camp between August 21 and 24. The theme is ’"BATTERY - there are important things to absorb now.-“The Summer School is an evangelistic camp for non-believers and seekers. We pray that this year, too, the Christian students will invite many non-Christian friends so that they can get to know Jesus Christ, be led to commit their lives to Him and make the decision to be baptized. May the Christian students care well for their non-Christian friends at the camp and please pray that God will sustain the speaker, Pastor Hifumi Goya).
- The Challenge Camp will also be held at Matsubarako Bible Camp between August 28 and September 1. The theme is “Are we at the right place?” “What we need to change now” This is a camp aimed to further develop the faith of Christian students. Please pray for the camp and the speaker, Pastor Yoshinori Aoki.
- On 15th September, KGK will host ‘Bridging Time for Block Praying’, a time for graduates and present students to fellowship. May it be a time to encourage each other to remember the spirit of KGK and to live with the Gospel wherever we are. We pray that it will be an enriching meeting.
- During the month of September, there are many block and campus-fellowship camps. May each of these camps be well prepared and be a chance for good studies and fellowship.
- October 5-6 will be KGK camp 2. Please pray that there will be many participants and that students will experience the blessings of the Gospel which will encourage their campus fellowship activities; we also remember the speaker, KGK staff Shinya Yoshizawa.
- Kanto area is preparing for the KGK National Conference (NC) to be held 25 February to 1 March, 2019. May God be with the 6 people in the planning committee.

TOKAI region
- The area Summer School is August 28 to 31. “Is your burden heavy? Try laying aside your burden…” is the theme and KGK staff, Makoto Ogawa, will be giving the talks. Please pray for the preparation and pray that many students (especially non-Christian students) will be able to attend.
- In light of the extreme heat causing a growing number of people to become unwell, may both students and staff be protected.
- Thankfully, campus Bible studies are very active this year. Please pray that the situation will continue for the latter half of the year, as the students encourage one another.
- We hope that more students will be added to Tokai gatherings and Block gatherings. Please pray that these gatherings will be used as a place for fellowship and learning. Also, please pray that the student leaders will be united and work as one to prepare for these gatherings.

- We pray that campus fellowship can continue to produce growth and transformation to Christ likeness.
- May the non-Christians who are part of their campus fellowship come to Summer School and become confident in God’s saving grace.
- Please pray for the Committee making the preparation for the Summer School and for the preparation for the speaker, KGK staff, Yasuyuki Kamata.
- Please lift up each person carrying responsibilities in running KGK. We ask that they be granted protection to continue ministering with sincere hearts.
- Please pray for the ‘Isshuisha’ (love and marriage) camp (September 11, 12). May it be a time of good learning and sharing. Please remember, too, the work of the KGK staff, Hisako Sueyoshi, leading the studies.
- We ask for economical support for the evangelism in Hokuriku to be further developed.
- We remember the work of the KGK graduates’ gatherings and especially lift up in prayer the camp for graduates 7-8 October and for the speaker, KGK staff, Ryosuke Ikebuchi.
- Please pray for the KGK supporters group and their work so that they can continue to support the student body.

KANSAI region
- Thanking God in prayer for His protection over the campus fellowship and block activities throughout the last term.
- Asking God that the Bridge meeting on August 4 (studying to connect with Asia) will attract many students to really dig deep in learning.
- Please pray that many non-believers can come to the Summer School Part 1 (the aim being to evangelize) August 23-25.
- Pray, too, that through Summer School Part 2 (study focus), students will really mature in their faith. September 3-6.
- Please also remember the Graduates Family Camp September 16-17.
- May God keep our Graduate Assistant, Yutaro Shimizu, well and guide his ministry; pray also for KGK staff, Kellie, in Australia for a year for further studies and deputation; pray, too, for the KGK staff to maintain a good relationship with the students and support them well.
- Please pray for the financial needs of the Kansai area to be met.

- Please pray for each of the campus fellowships and student ministries in each prefecture.
- We are thankful for the regular KGK activities continuing in Tottori. It seems that KGK activities in Shimane might also re-commence. Please pray for the campus ministry in the Sanin area.
- May those students exploring Christianity be led to profess their faith in Christ.
- For the preparation of the Summer School to be held 20-23 August…praying for the participation of many seeking faith.
- May many come to the KGK volunteers gathering on 21 July.
- We pray that the area meeting on 24 September (national holiday) will be a time of rich fellowship and encouragement.
- We ask God to help students and graduates of KGK to live for the Gospel wherever they are.
- For the OB meetings in each prefecture, may they be times of encouraging fellowship, prayers and support for KGK.
- For the student ministry in Chuushikoku area, may more workers come forward.
- We remember the areas affected by the heavy rains and floods (especially in Kurashiki in Okayama, Kure in Hiroshima, Uwajima in Ehime). May they know God’s comfort. May the networking of the churches will bring effective relief.

KYUSHU region
- Please remember those who were affected by the Kumamoto, Ooita earthquakes. We pray that KGK can continue long-term relationships and minister well to them. Please lift up those who have been affected by the heavy rains and flooding and pray for the recovery process.
- We ask God to watch over the students’ growth in their faith and church lives. There are a number of campus meetings that are struggling to continue forward, May these meetings and activities be renewed. We especially ask for students to join in Kumamoto and Miyazaki.
- In the midst of busyness, may staff of KGK take time to be still before God, pray and learn from the Word, be admonished and grow in faith.
- Please pray for my (KGK staff) relationship with my wife and family and for our two children to believe in Jesus. Please also ask God to protect the KGK volunteers and their families.
- We ask that God will keep the KGK running committees and the organization stable. Also, that the students themselves will have trust in their relationships to cooperate and work well in ministry.
- May we all have the heart to learn well from God and reflect that in our words and action so that we can have joy solely from giving glory to God. Protect us from losing sincerety in our lives.
- Please pray that all prefectures will be able to hold KGK graduates’ meetings.
- We ask for financial protection, too, so that in the flowing three years, we might see more KGK staff in Kyuushuu.

OKINAWA region
- We are grateful for the prayers which have seen the Bible Studies re-commence at Okinawa Christian Gakuin University. We pray for new students to join the campus fellowship at Meio University (at present all the students are in their fourth year). Also, for the development of campus fellowship at Prefecture Art University. In all the universities, we pray that non-Christians will be able to meet Jesus through the Bible.
- Please remember the Summer School (September 3-6). We ask God to be with the organizing committee, the speakers and pray that it will be a time when participating students decide to actively follow our Lord. We especially pray for the non-Christians coming to the camp to be saved.
- We thank God for the blessing on the monthly graduates’ Bible Studies which began in April. May the graduates of KGK be encouraged to live in Him in their households and wherever they have been led to work.
- We pray that the churches in Okinawa will know the work of KGK and that within a trusting relationship, we can work together for the gospel.
- We ask God to watch over the health and work of the KGK staff in Okinawa, Moe Higa, and the KGK staff in charge, Shinya Yoshizawa.

- Thanks for donations to the 70th anniversary fund exceeding the target. Pray that the money will be used wisely during the next 10 years.
- Pray for General Secretary Shigenori Oshima, and for the Staff Worker steering committee (Yoshizawa, Yajima, Ogawa, Aburaki and Ikebuchi), that together they would give the appropriate lead to KGK work nationally.
- For blessing on the Administrative team, that they would serve increasingly well the front line of student evangelism.
- Pray for KGK graduates serving on the preparation committee for the IFES East Asia region Graduates Conference (EAGC) to be held in August 2019. Pray for joyful partnership between graduates from each region to result.

How to support KGK

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